*What is the material of the Dishes?

- All dishes ARE CRYSTAL including the Diamond lids, they are No acrylic, No plastic or other kind of material

*What is the size of the Dappen dishes?

- Monomer dish: 2" 1/2 of diameter and  1" 1/2 tall aprox (2" with lid)

 Polimer dish: 2" 1/2 of diameter and  2" tall. (2"1/2 with lid)

*How much the Polimer dish holds?

-It hold little more than 2 Oz  (29 ml approx)

*How much liquid the Monomer dappen dish holds? 

-It holds 20 ml approx 

*How can I clean my dishes?

- Clean the inside with alcohol or soapy water, the outside of the dishes can be cleaned with a soft cloth.